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What is a website?

Websites are online media containing information on products, services, services or profiles from companies, schools, agencies and online shops that can be accessed using devices connected to an internet connection such as laptops, computers, cellphones and other devices.

In general, websites will be used as media for promotion and buying and selling of products, introduction of services or services, registration and management of students, as promotional media for companies, information centers for agencies and institutions as well as dissemination of information or news.

In this era, websites have become the main door to get customers who cannot meet face to face or come to the seller's place directly to see the services or products you are selling.

To make it easier for customers to buy, order or fill in data, a website is needed where you can get the information in a matter of seconds. Apart from that, one of the reasons for having a website is to cut the cost of renting a physical location, cut employee costs, and make the administration process easier.

Who Needs a Website? Nearly 80% of the majority of visitors and buyers come through online media such as websites and social media. Many business people take advantage of this momentum to have websites so that potential customers do not run away from their services.

For those of you who want to develop your business potential, business, products, services and services, it's a good idea to switch to using a website now. Because currently customers prefer transactions and contacts online because it is cheap, saves time and is also efficient.

The right time to have a website is when you want to develop your business and business so that it is better known to wider consumers, and want to make overall management easier through one door, or manage your customers so that there is a 2-way interaction between sellers and buyers .

Apart from that, it will be very profitable if you have a website, because your potential customers don't have to bother coming in person and can interact using the website.

[6] The main points that influence how expensive or cheap it is to invest in a website or landing page:

  1. Data processing specs (CPU)
  2. Networking or network specifications
  3. Memory Storage Specs
  4. Web Design and Premium Assets
  5. Features such as shopping cart, order management, membership, e-course, crm, etc.
  6. Integration with other applications such as FB, Tiktok, Google, WhatsApp, Payment Gateway, Raja Ongkir, etc.

Website creation time takes 7-14 working days depending on the website needed.

Times can change depending on the complexity and content on the website.

  1. Graphic assets such as logos, product photos, team photos
  2. The services your business offers or descriptions of the products you sell
  3. Information about the company or business such as history, motto, vision & mission, address, social media, email, and CS number.
  4. Portfolio if in the service sector
  5. Photo/Video Testimonial
  6. Product and Company Brief

Of course, we accept minor revisions. Not a complete overhaul of the website you ordered.

Yes, of course. If the design and development process is complete, we will give you login access to the dashboard. So you can add articles, posts, galleries, or anything else you want.